The people who brought you Andorra 2D...

Andreas Stoeckel

Andreas Stoeckel is the project administrator - he is the one who had the idea of Andorra 2D after being frustrated about DelphiX. The development of Andorra 2D started in autumn 2006.

Project Role: All in one person
Location: Germany
Birth date: March 15th 1991
SF-Username: Igel457
E-Mail: igel457XXX at

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Manuel Eberl

Manuel Eberl wrote the package system and the TGA-Image loader.

Project Role: Developer
Location: Germany
Birth date: January 20th 1991
SF-Username: three_of_eight
E-Mail: manuelXXX.eberl at

Nikolai Wyderka

Nikolai Wyderka checked the Lazarus and Linux compatibility. By fixing a lot of bugs he made Andorra 2D run on Linux as well as it does now.

Project Role: Developer
Location: Germany
Birth date: April 10th 1991
SF-Username: Inh3r1ted
E-Mail: nwyderkaXXX at

Important: If you want to support the Andorra 2D project, just contact us.
We are especially searching for people who...

  • Help developing
  • Maintain the project website
  • Update the documentation/Write or translate tutorials
  • Create Lazarus packages and check the Linux or MacOS support
So if you are interested - do not hesitate. Just send an E-Mail!