Andorra 2D - Version Changelogs

    [*] XML-Library destroyed XML files when saving
    [*] AdSetupDialog didn’t work on Linux
    [*] Acinerella header didn’t work on Linux
    [*] Fixed bug in AdCanvas.TAdCanvasLine.Generate that caused two-point lines to be drawn incorrectly
    [*] Removed usage of TThread.Suspend in TAdVideoTexture
    [+] Added TAdBezierSpline class
    [+] Improved Ad3DObj.pas
      [+] Added TAdTeaspoonMesh
      [+] Added TAdTeacupMesh
      [+] Added TAdPlaneMesh

Andorra 2D - Version 0.4.5 changelog

Andorra 2D-Core:

    [*] Fixed TA2DBitmap.Pixels property
    [*] Fixed critical bug in the float functions of the XML-Library
    [*] Fixed Initialization/Finalization methods of TAdDraw
    [*] Fixed serious bug in TAdImageSpriteEx – sprite wasn’t ever drawn if it was created outside the sprite engine boundaries.
    [*] Fixed the Ad3dObj.pas
      [+] Added TAdCubeMesh class
      [+] Added TAdTeapotMesh class
    [*] Added “dirty” workaround in GetTickCount (AdPerformanceCounter.pas) – fixes stutters with multicore processors
    [*] Improved video module
      [+] Added support for multiple streams
      [+] Added Acinerella support
      [+] Added so called “MediaHandler-Classes” that cope with handling the video/audio streams
    [+] Added Delphi 2009 support
    [+] Added internal PNG-Loader (many thanks to Manuel Eberl - this loader is still a bit buggy and not recommended for use in your applications)
    [+] Added “MaximumFrameRate”-Property to TAdPerformanceCounter, that allows to limit the frame rate to a specific value and save CPU-Workload and energy
    [+] Added a new class to TAdVCLFormats, that allows Delphi to load all image formats that are registered in Andorra 2D
    [+] Added buffer classes and functions (AdBuffers.pas), which make the XML-loader and the Deflate-decompressor much faster
    [+] Added dithering effect to AdBitmapEffects.pas
    [+] Added 3DNow! optimizations to AdMath.pas (Still nearly untested. Please report if Andorra 2D works on 3DNow! capable processors.)
    [+] Added a new unit AdConst.pas that contains over 300 color constants as 32 and 24-Bit value
    [+] Added a memory mapped bitmap (TAd2DMemoryBitmap)
      [*] Video interface got a bit faster
    [+] TAdDraw.ClearSurface is capable of using 32-Bit colors – very important for transparent surfaces
    [-] Removed AdApps.pas, AdJPEG.pas
Andorra 2D-Editors:
    [*] Improved particle editor
Andorra 2D-Graphic-Plugins:
    [*] Made OpenGL run on older hardware again.
    [*] Fixed OpenGL/DirectX light handling
Known Bugs:
  • There may be problems with some graphics drivers when using Linux
  • TAdVideoTexture.Loop doesn’t work

Andorra 2D - Version 0.4 changelog

Andorra 2D-Core:

    [+] Added Shader system
    [*] Rewrote particle system
      [+] Particle data is written to XML
      [+] Flexible class hierarchy
      [*] Up to five times faster
      [*] Most particle coefficients have a start and an end value now
        [+] Multi-Threaded
        [+] Uses one single mesh
        [+] Capable of using point sprites
    [*] Improved Lazarus/Freepascal support
    [*] Fixed bugs regarding window frameworks, made them less complex
    [+] Added SDL-Windowframework support (AdSDLWindow.pas)
    [+] Added hardware 2D-Collision detection system (although it doesn’t work as fast as I imagined - requires newest OpenGL-Driver/DirectX-9 compatible graphic board)
    [+] Added native, non-VCL, TGA-Support (thanks to Manuel Eberl), simply include AdTGA.pas
    [+] Added native, non-VCL, BMP-Support, simply include AdBMP.pas
    [+] Added package support – Andorra 2D is able to read data directly from .tar.gzip files (thanks to Manuel Eberl)
    [*] Rewrote setup dialog
      [+] Runs with both: Delphi and Lazarus now
      [+] Parses graphic plugin settings
    [+] Added surface system
      [*] TAdDraw is the main surface
      [*] TAdTextureSurface is an off-screen surface
    [*] Bugfix: XML float support is now language independent
    [*] Bugfix: FreeImage works on Linux now (thanks to Nikolai Wyderka) – wrong calling convention and function names in the FreeImage header
    [*] Bugfix: Removed overflow/underflow problem in AdContainers.pas
Andorra 2D-GUI:
    [+] Added a few new components to the GUI system
      [+] TAdTrackBar
      [+] TAdScrollbar
    [*] Bugfix: False behaviour in MouseDown-Events
Andorra 2D-Editors:
    [*] Rewrote particle editor
Andorra 2D-Graphic-Plugins:
    [*] Rewrote light system
    [-] Removed light objects from the core engine
    [*] Rewrote graphic plugin settings system
    [*] All settings that have to be done before initialization are exported to the host application
    [+] Shader support
      [+] Added Cg-Shader plugin to the graphic plugins
      [+] Added HLSL-Shader support to the DirectX plugin (HLSL and Cg language are compatible)
    [+] Added point sprite support to the graphic plugin
    [+] Added occlusion culling support to the graphic plugin
    [+] Added stencil buffer support
    [+] Added bmSub blendmode
    [*] Bugfix: OpenGL plugin takes care of the "TAdMesh.PrimitiveCount" property now

...and of course everything I forgot to list here...